”Post-truth: Media in the era of algorithms and bullshit” is the first Finnish overview to post-truth politics, its drivers and different phenomena. The assignment was to design an identity that reflects the broad themes of the book – political polarization, technological revolution, media disruptions, and bending of truth.
The interdisciplinary nature, analytical orientation, and strong theoretical underpinnings supported the idea of utilizing abstract themes in the design that are open to different interpretations. Concepts such as time, truth, media and transparency inspired the visual concept.

A volume that draws from academic research and journalism should not be marked by colors that suggest a political orientation – the authors do not wave a flag or follow suit. The intention was to invite the reader to the text, leave space for interpretations, and certainly not to shout a certain political message with the cover art.
Softcover with folding and white matt foiling, 14,5 × 21 cm, 296 pages.
Published by Teos. More information about the design process can be read here (only in Finnish).
Photos by Teemu Ullgrén (https://www.ullgrenteemu.com)